ABG Interpretation

The goal of this course is to provide nurses, and other health professionals, with information about ABG interpretation, basic theory and practical applications of oxygenation, ventilation and acid-base balance.
Upon completion of this program you should be able to:
* Recognize normal values for pH, PaO2, PaCO2, SaO2 and HCO3.
* Explain significance of these values.
* Describe how oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried in the body and how they are measured.
* Relate the pH scale to acidosis and alkalosis.
* Discuss the respiratory and metabolic mechanisms and their role in controlling the body's acid-base balance.
* Interpret basic arterial blood gas values and relate these values to patient conditions.
* Suggest therapies for acid-base correction.
* Be aware of other resources for in-depth ABG interpretation information.